Offer Variety and Minimize Waste with Pillsbury™ Biscuits and Croissants

Offer Variety and Minimize Waste with Pillsbury™ Biscuits and Croissants

Customers Want Choice and Variety

Limited-time offerings are a great way to offer consumers choice and variety while keeping your menu streamlined and easy to navigate. In today's climate, it can be hard to execute specialty meal solutions with reduced labor and tight margins. That's where we come in. Pillsbury™ biscuits and croissants are just two ways to amp up the choice you give your customers. With so many versatile extensions, they're the perfect way to execute tasty and creative limited-time offerings, whether seasonal or for themed events.

When you've got such little time but expectations are high, it's even more difficult to manage the strained labor environment of today. It's no secret that in 2022, back-of-house labor has been the talk of the kitchen. We know it's hard to keep up and achieve your goals with so many competing priorities. One way to keep things moving smoothly is to simplify your menu creation and processes. We created Pillsbury™ biscuits and croissants to be easy to implement across your business without making a sacrifice in quality in taste. When you have solid bases for your meals, you can get creative — switching a protein or tweaking a sauce to keep things feeling fresh and new.

Keep Your Menu Fresh

Buy Smart, Use More, Reduce Waste Speaking of trends, the demand for more creative meals and classics with a twist isn't going away. We know you strive to stay on top of the latest and greatest in food, but it can be tricky to figure out how without adding more complication to your day. We suggest adapting your traditional menu to integrate on-trend, limited-time, seasonal, or themed offerings. For example, global flavors are here to stay as the customer's palate expands. Pillsbury™ biscuits are the perfect conduit for an innovative spin on Indian curries, stuffed buns, or Italian Flatbreads. Even our croissants can be used to create a variety of themed sandwiches such as BBQ Pulled Pork or a build-your-own breakfast sandwich. Read more about the breakfast sandwich trend and how to introduce or elevate breakfast sandwiches at your operation.

When it's this easy to be creative, you'll enjoy how many things you can do with your menu, and so will your customers.

Buy Smart, Use More, Reduce Waste

Another "resource suck" can be as common as over-ordering an ingredient. Hey, we've all been there! Ordering more just to serve variety is a common trap and impacts your business in a variety of ways. One of the key things we all see is that waste can be disheartening and remind you of the resources leaking out of your business. We recommend leaning on basics that can serve a variety of uses so you can get creative with any extra ingredients you've ordered. Using Pillsbury™ biscuits and croissants will help spark your creativity and minimize your waste. Instead of throwing out extras, use your surplus to develop exciting new limited-time offerings. For an example, check out this video showcasing next day bakery croissants.

At the end of the day, resources can be challenging to manage. We're here to support you with our portfolio of Pillsbury™ biscuits and croissants that help you stay fresh, be on-trend, and minimize waste. Utilize the resources you've already got to give your customers more delicious choice and variety — all while managing your inventory.