Product Guide | Pillsbury™ BatterPro™

One product—so many delicious applications. Pillsbury™ BatterPro™ is our newest premium, bulk frozen batter for foodservice that’s perfect for a wide-range of super-rich baked goods: from cakes, to loaves, to muffins.
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Good to Know

  • Pillsbury™ is the number one frozen muffin batter in foodservice¹
  • Packaged in convenient, three-pound pipeable tube
  • Each tube makes approximately 4 loaves, 24 - 2 oz muffins, or 1 half sheet pan.
  • Batter thaws in 3 hours* and is portioned directly from the tube
  • Made with no artificial flavors, no colors from artificial sources, and are PHO free
  • Available in two flavors: vanilla or chocolate


Opportunities to Capture Growth

Versatility Made Easy

So many easy applications for Pillsbury‌TM BatterPro‌TM frozen batter—‌get ready to be inspired!

Menu Inspiration to Satisfy Your Patrons


Explore over 30 foodservice recipes using Pillsbury™ BatterPro™ that will satisfy your patrons with great taste and variety. See All BatterPro™ Recipes>>

Why Pillsbury™ BatterPro™?

  • Highly versatile base allows operators to create a wide-range of super-rich baked goods from just one batter.
  • Maximize budget AND back-of-house storage and turn one batter into countless menu items.
  • Pipeable packaging is easy to use and requires minimal labor and reduces waste.

Available Products

Case Pack

Product Code

Pillsbury™ BatterPro™ Muffin & Cake Batter Chocolate 3 lb 6/3 lb 110933000
Pillsbury™ BatterPro™ Muffin & Cake Batter Vanilla 3 lb 6/3 lb 110929000

Nutrition facts, ingredient, packaging and more available by clicking each product.
¹NPD Supply Track ending in 6/2017, Dollar Volume
*Preferred thaw method is overnight in the refrigerator.