Kick off the school year by taking the pledge to make school food EVEN better together!

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We know how hard you work every day to make good and do good in your schools, and that’s why we created the #GoodStartsHere campaign. This #GoodStartsHere website hub is meant to be your go-to resource for recipes, products, tools and education for your back-to-school season.

We’ve created #GoodStartsHere because we believe:

Good starts at the beginning of the school year
Good starts with creating a habit out of breakfast in the morning
Good starts with food students love
Good starts with YOU!

By taking the back-to-school pledge, you will join the #GoodStartsHere community of operators who are on a mission to make school food even better together! Plus, you’ll be the first to receive our tools and support to take on the school year.

Take the pledge to receive your back-to-school kit including:


  • A weekly text from Chef Monica, with tips, tricks and recipe inspiration
  • Recipe ideas inspired by students’ favorite fast-casual restaurants
  • A back-to-school letter you can send to parents to share all the good you’re doing in your school
  • How-to guide for setting up a loyalty program at your school
  • A social media community of operators looking to make school food even better together

Get Ideas for Back-to-School

Once you take the pledge, you’ll have access to back-to-school ideas and inspiration before anyone else! Watch for your weekly text from Chef Monica to let you know when they’re available.

Kick off your school year with these recommended products!

2 oz. equivalent grain cereals – One cereal serving that does it all and there’s even room for milk!

Soft filled bars – Students’ favorite cereal flavors, now as soft filled bars! Thaw and serve OR heat and serve.

Filled crescents – Delicious croissant-inspired pastries students love.

ParfaitPro® bulk yogurt – Preferred taste and texture to DannonPro®1- voted on by teens and kids. Plus, now made without gelatin!

¹Based on external single location CLT., N=240, 8/4/18, Based on mean liking & preference scores with teens and kids DannonPro Vanilla vs ParfaitPro Strawberry. Texture = thickness, smoothness & creaminess liking.