Buy more bulk cereal & get FREE custom signage and exciting brand activations to drive traffic to your dining hall

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We're introducing the exclusive College & University Magical 8 Cereal Promotion to boost your students' dining hall experience and keep them coming back! These beloved cereal brands boast the delicious flavors (and characters!) that remind students of home.

Magical 8 Cereal SKUs:

  1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch™
  2. Lucky Charms™
  3. Cocoa Puffs™
  4. Trix™
  5. Honey Nut Cheerios™
  6. Cheerios
  7. Nature Valley™ Oats & Honey Granola
  8. Nature Valley™ Oats & Dark Chocolate Granola or Nature Valley™ Oats & Fruit Granola

Here's how the promotion works:

  1. When you take on 1 incremental Magical 8 Cereal SKU above, you'll receive a custom 6- or 8-bin Cereal Bin Header for your dining hall!
  2. When you take on 2 or more incremental Magical 8 Cereal SKUs, you'll receive the custom 6- or 8-bin Cereal Bin Header AND your choice of the following 3 brand activations:
    • Lucky the Leprechaun Brand Experience, including:
      • A visit from Lucky the Leprechaun at your dining hall (your students will love the Instagram-worthy photo opportunity!) AND
      • An exclusive kit with contents to host a Lucky Charms Unicorn Scavenger Hunt in your dining hall, including premium student prizes
    • Cheerios' Buzz the Bee Brand Experience, including:
      • A visit from Cheerios' Buzz the Bee at your dining hall (there's no better way to drive traffic to your dining hall than with a Buzz the Bee character visit!) AND
      • An exclusive Sustainability Kit including seed packets for students to plant on campus and other branded signage to promote sustainability in your dining hall!
    • Nature Valley Get Outdoors Brand Experience, including:
      • An exclusive Spikeball kit for student use on campus to encourage students to get outdoors!