How to Create an On-Trend Parfait Bar with Yoplait® Parfait Your Way

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Transform your parfait offering and drive increased revenue! Help capture incremental sales with our Yoplait® Parfait Your Way implementation kit featuring new, on-trend recipes. Give your customers the ability to customize parfaits their way.

Respond to a growing trend with a seamless solution!

Parfaits are a top and growing menu item¹ that are perfect for all day consumption. As a recent Technomic survey revealed that 50% of consumers admit to snacking between meals—with one-third adding they would purchase more snacks if healthier options were available.²

Yoplait® Parfait Your Way offers an innovative way to cater to this growing demand by transforming your parfait offerings across your operation to attract more of these healthier-option seekers. From transforming your salad bar into an on-trend parfait station during typically unused dayparts, like breakfast, to reinvigorating your cooler set to include new and exciting grab & go parfaits, the Parfait Your Way kit has the tips, tricks and marketing support to help you drive incremental revenue across your operation!

Set up your salad bar for breakfast success

Our Yoplait® Parfait Your Way kit makes implementation a breeze. Consumers love customizing their food and leveraging your salad bar for a DIY parfait bar is a great way to unlock their creativity and drive excitement! We provide all the tools to convert your salad bar with branded point-of-sale signage and even recipe inspiration.

How to get your Parfait Your Way implementation Kit:

Purchase any SKU of Yoplait® ParfaitPro® Bulk Yogurt (check our NEW Blueberry flavor of ParfaitPro!) to receive recipes & point-of-sale items to serve parfaits any time of day. Click below to order your kit today!


  • Table Tents
  • Shelf Danglers
  • Posters
  • Sticker
  • Cooler/Window Cling
  • Recipe Cards
  • Loyalty Punch Cards


¹ Technomic Ignite Menu Data, Q2 2019 

² “2016 Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report,” Technomic.