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Explore Bulk Yogurt Solutions


Why Bulk Yogurt?

All-Day, All Ages. Across all ages, people are eating yogurt throughout the day, from sunup to sundown.¹ Yogurt is a steady part of the consumer diet and leading the way on variety will guarantee that you’re a go-to for meeting this consumer craving. With 60% of yogurt consumption happening outside of breakfast², having an array of Yoplait® products will ensure your operation is top of mind when yogurt-eaters want their next snack, meal, or dessert. Guarantee bulk yogurt success with Yoplait® – the #1 bulk yogurt in foodservice³.

Why Yoplait® ParfaitPro®?

ParfaitPro® is Foodservice’s first bag bulk yogurt. The easy easy-to-pour bag takes up less fridge space, helps operators dish up parfaits, beverages and more in less time, with less labor and 72% less waste than tubs⁴. ParfaitPro® is a cafeteria, catering, and coffee shop must-have for serving fresh-made, delicious products.

The Industry’s #1 bagged yogurt delivers⁵. Yoplait® ParfaitPro® provides:

  • The variety your customers seek with traditional, Greek and plant-based flavors
  • Clean label ingredients: no artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources, no high-fructose corn syrup, rBST-free milk
  • A product made without gelatin
  • A better experience for your audience and operation
  • Preferred taste and texture to Dannon Pro⁶
  • Less plastic use than Dannon Pro bag⁷


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    The brands customers love designed for both front of house and back of house culinary, beverage, parfait, cup, and tube solutions. General Mills provides multiple ways to deliver fresh, quality yogurt to your customers throughout the day.

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Recipe Applications

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FAQs With Chef Monica Coulter

A: The ParfaitPro® bag was created to be an easy-to-use piping bag. Look for the perforated edge to find the tear away strip. There is built-in spout on one side that serves as the piping “tip”. I like to tear the short edge across the spout and then move to the longer edge and tear it all the way across to finish opening the bag. It helps to start with dry hands to have a firm grip on the bag.

A: We recommend using the yogurt within 72 hours of opening the bag.

A: I like to use a 2-quart measuring cup. I keep one handy when I’m working with ParfaitPro®. If I get interrupted, I just set the bag down inside the cup. If I want to store the bag, I clean off the spout, press the yogurt down into the bag, place it in the cup and then in the cooler. I use tape and a marker to label the bag with the date.

A: I usually press the bag against the edge of a table and pull the length of the bag down to move the yogurt up to the spout. Or I place the bag on the work bench and run a flat edge like a bowl scraper from the bottom of the bag up to the spout. This method allows you to use every bit of yogurt.

A: ParfaitPro® is a wonderful ingredient to include in your baked goods. Yogurt adds moisture and a delightful tangy sweetness. We have a number of recipes for baked products with ParfaitPro® yogurt on our website. My favorite is this Lemon Bread.

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⁴GM Custom Study. Based on comparison of plastic waste to 32oz tubs for equivalent yogurt volume
⁵NPD Supply Track; Total Foodservice Bulk Yogurt, Operator Dollar Volume, L12M ending June 2021
⁶Based on external single location CLT., N=120, 8/14/18. Based on mean liking & preference scores Dannon Pro Vanilla vs ParfaitPro® Vanilla & Dannon Pro Strawberry vs ParfaitPro® Strawberry)
⁷Based on third party analysis of bag layer composition and thickness (conducted 7/19/19), per pound basis, Dannon Pro packaging is 24% thicker than ParfaitPro® packaging