Culinary Live with Chef Sonja: Pillsbury™ Professional Mixes

Learn more about our Pillsbury™ Professional Mix line and how these are a unique alternative to our Gold Medal™ mixes.

Our Pillsbury™ Professional Mixes are a unique alternative for professional, commercial bakers looking for a versatile and durable mix in a smaller, 5 lb box. We'll walk you through our entire Pillsbury™ Professional Mix line: three cake mixes (the just-add-water Pillsbury™ Cake Mix Creme Cake 5 lbPillsbury™ Bakers’ Plus™ Cake Mix Yellow 4 lb 8 oz, and Pillsbury™ Bakers’ Plus™ Cake Mix Devil’s Food 4 lb 8 oz), a Pillsbury™ Bakers’ Plus™ Premium Brownie Mix 6 lb, two just-add-water muffin mixes (Pillsbury™ Muffin Mix Corn Muffin 5 lb and Pillsbury™ Muffin Mix Variety 5 lb), and two pancake mixes (Pillsbury™ Pancake Mix Buttermilk 5 lb and Pillsbury™ Sweet Pancake Mix 5 lb).