Winter Trends 2018

This winter, we embark on a journey of zero food waste recipe solutions with ideas on how to use up your leftover veggie scraps. Meat pies are also showcased with Vietnamese, North African and Jamaican influences for approachable, global flavor ideas for your menus. Plus, fondue gets a make-over with fun twists on the retro cheesy classic. See What's Trending>>


Beyond Biscuits

Make the holiday dessert rush a little less stressful with holiday baking tips from Chef Ted.

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Pillsbury™ Puff Pastry: Braided Apple Strudel

Check out our videos on the latest how-to tutorials, food inspiration, and tips and tricks.

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Global Culinary Group

Global Culinary Group

Our team of culinary experts are here to assist in finding the right solutions for your business.

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Menu Inspiration

Menu Inspiration

Get inspired! Pillsbury Biscuit, Pie, and Puff Pastry doughs can be used in many different ways.

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Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Discover some of our favorite tips and tricks that make serving sweet treats & savory sides easier & more convenient for you.

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Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

Finding yourself running into problems during the baking or cooking process? Check out our troubleshooting guide and see if there is a possible solution.

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