Bring in the best muffins with Pillsbury™!

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BatterPro™ premium frozen muffin and cake batter is perfect for a wide range of easy and delicious baked goods. Download a copy of our new recipe collection.

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Capitalize on the best-selling sweet baked good with Pillsbury’s multiple convenient muffin formats: TubeSet™ and BatterPro™ tubes, pails, and Place & Bake pucks. All Pillsbury muffins are made with no artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources. Pillsbury’s tolerance and consistency means you can menu items that inspire your customers to keep coming back for more.

Step 1: Watch Video
Step 2: Download Muffin Guide
Step 3: Order Free TubeSet Muffin Clips!

How-To Demonstration

General Mills Muffin Portfolio of Products

Learn about the different types of muffin batters along with preparation and serving ideas.

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Frozen Muffin Batter Guide

DSR Incentive

Download and print this guide to learn about the Pillsbury muffin formats, SKU information, the versatility of muffin batter and a troubleshooting chart.

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Order Your Free TubeSet Muffin Clips

After watching the video, fill out your information below to receive 10 FREE Pillsbury TubeSet muffin batter clips for resealing muffin batter bags (while supplies last)

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