Winter Trends 2020

Cozy, comfort foods are trending and it’s no surprise given the uncertain times we are facing. Our culinary team has crafted some easy winter menu options that can serve as inspiration for bringing cozy, comfort foods to your operation. From scratch-baked yogurt breads to cream-based soups and braised meats, there are some creative options to warm things up and also provide excellent takeout and delivery fare.

Yogurt Bread

Chef Nancy Maurer

A viral sensation in these days of scratch baking, yogurt Bread – equal parts yogurt and flour with the addition of baking powder and salt is incredibly easy to make. It’s chewy, yet tender and a delicious dough for all kinds of applications. Featured here: garlic knots, bagels and English muffins, but the sky is the limit – perhaps pizza dough or pretzels?

Winter Comfort – Upper Midwest Cream-Based Soups

Chef Monica Coulter

Winter calls for cozy, comfort foods and the Upper Midwest has a tradition of cream-based soups that certainly provide soothing sustenance. The trend this winter is all about economical, family-style meals that are easy to package and deliver. A real bonus with using General Mills Gold Medal Gravy Mix as a cream soup base -- the soups can be easily reheated without fear of curdling.

Simple Braising

Chef Kevin Relf

Simple braising techniques utilizing multiple main ingredients with different cooking liquids to build maximum flavor. Our products provide the perfect vessel to serve these braised items in creative ways.