Gilles Stassart

Corporate Chef

Chef Gilles Stassart is a man on a mission—always searching for ways to help make the lives of foodservice professionals easier and support their efforts to serve the food that will delight their customers.

“I love getting to know the customers, learning about their operations and then finding ways to make their life better while making their own customers happier as well. When you can achieve that, that is a great feeling!”

At General Mills Foodservice, Chef Gilles puts his extensive background in healthcare foodservice, banquets, hotels, fine dining and in-home catering to task. Since joining the company in 2013, he has offered support, training and inspiration to major food management companies as well as operators within hospitals and senior living facilities where he keenly recognizes the important role food plays in patient satisfaction and a guest’s “total experience.”

“Healthcare facilities, in particular, are challenged with serving nourishing and delicious food in an efficient manner,” said Chef Gilles. “It is my pleasure to help operations discover ways to save time in the kitchen and still deliver food that tastes great. While the top focus is to please the consumer, my role also includes supporting the operator and people who prepare the food.”

Chef Gilles draws on his expertise in training and development, healthcare solution, and recipe development to support General Mills’ foodservice customers. Growing up and living in Belgium until just 10 years ago, Chef Gilles also brings an international perspective to the culinary team and often shares ideas and inspiration from world cuisine for the menu items he creates.

Beyond his important work as the lead chef for General Mills’ healthcare accounts, Chef Gilles serves as the company’s culinary liaison to Sodexo, the second largest food management company in the world. This entails ongoing consultation with the company’s culinary team to develop recipes that will are tested and rolled out throughout the organization’s units. He also lends his insights and expertise to help develop new concepts, solutions and brands in addition to ongoing recipe development for limited-time offers, mindful offerings, coffee shops and cafeteria dining.


  • Bachelor’s degree, Culinary Arts and Hotel/Restaurant Management: EHPN, Namur, Belgium


  • Supervisory Manager, nutrition, food safety/sanitation continuing education certificates
  • Certified Culinary Administrator (CCA)
  • Certified Executive Chef (CEC)
  • Approved Certification Evaluator (ACE)