Winter Food Trends 2017

This winter the General Mills Culinary Team continues the power of the vegetable trend, giving a nod to veg-centric sandwiches. Appalachian food takes the stage with the apple as the star ingredient and global street food transports your senses to fun street food ideas using frozen biscuit dough.

Appalachian Food – Monica Coulter 

I’ve been noticing Appalachian food showing up on trends lists. I was born in Kentucky. I have walked through cemeteries and traced my finger over crumbling headstones bearing the names of kin folk born there nearly 200 years ago. I can’t think of Appalachian food without a yearning deep within me stirring.

These simple, farm-fresh recipes are rich in history and taste. I’ve developed a collection of new dishes inspired by my heritage, perfect for today’s busy kitchens, using one of my favorite ingredients—apple butter.

Global Street Food– Jessie Kordosky 

Transport your senses with these fun street food ideas using our frozen biscuit doughs. The cheesy goodness of the Georgian Cheesy Egg Boats is an addicting crowd pleaser. The Indian Samosas are filled with comforting curried potatoes and peas for a satisfying appetizer. Lastly, we took a griddled flatbread and made it even better by stuffing it full of a deliciously light feta and spinach filling. These recipes are sure to dazzle any menu!

Edgy Veggies – Nancy Maurer 

Vegetables and plant based proteins are stepping up and taking on meat proteins in a race for center of the plate. With the veg-centric movement in full swing, innovation with the produce category relies on creative technique resulting in flavor-forward vegetable dishes that generate interest and show off culinary style and skill.

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