Cinnamon Roll Product Guide and Troubleshooting

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Pillsburyᵀᴹ Cinnamon Rolls come in a variety of formats, types, flavors, and sizes. All are easy to use, simple to prepare, and provide consistent, scratch-like quality.

Key characteristics

  • Finishing: After baking, products can be glazed to extend shelf-life, and/or iced and decorated as desired.
  • Flavors: With a variety of flavors available, choose from classic cinnamon, creamy caramel, and citrusy orange.
  • Formats: Products include traditional cinnamon-filled rolls, as well as twists, which feature Danish-like dough in a unique shape. Cinnamon twirls are another option featuring biscuit-like dough and a variety of filling choices.
  • Ingredients: All options are free of partially hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, or colors from artificial sources.
  • Sizes:There’s a bulk cinnamon roll for every application, from 1.25-oz to 6.5-oz Pillsbury jumbo cinnamon rolls.
  • Types: Bakery cinnamon rolls are available to fit every budget and need, including Pillsburyᵀᴹ Bestᵀᴹ that deliver great taste at a reasonable price, rich and flaky Pillsburyᵀᴹ Plusᵀᴹ, and the ultimate in gourmet appearance and largest size–Pillsbury Supremeᵀᴹ.
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Available formats

Pillsburyᵀᴹ Freezer-to-Oven Frozen Roll Dough

  • Products can go directly from the freezer into the oven.
  • There’s no need to thaw or proof before baking.
  • A whole-grain cinnamon roll option is also available.


Pillsburyᵀᴹ Thaw, Proof, and Bake Frozen Roll Dough

  • Back-of-house preparation of these products is minimal.
  • An easy dimple test can be done to confirm products are ready to be baked.


Tips and tricks

Freezer-to oven instructions

Thaw, proof, and bake instructions

Interactive Product Guide

Check out the Interactive Product Guide for details on how to make Pillsburyᵀᴹ cinnamon rolls and how to troubleshoot common issues including uneven shape, low volume, and doneness.

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Why Pillsburyᵀᴹ Cinnamon Rolls?

  • Foodservice operators rank Pillsbury as the top brand for scratch-like quality, consistent product performance, and value for price.
  • A majority of foodservice operators agree that Pillsbury makes life easier, is leading the future of baking, and provides valuable content.

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