Pillsbury™ Crème Cake Mix for Foodservice–Now No/No!


Baking is back, big time! Research from Technomic reveals that foodservice bakery sales are expected to increase 3.9% through 2021.¹ With this kind of category growth, fresh-baked products have plenty of potential to add value to your operation AND increase your revenue.

Here’s another key insight: a majority of consumers value freshly baked, scratch-like products with clean label attributes.¹ Which means bakery items that avoid artificial flavors in favor of simple, natural ingredients present a huge opportunity in today’s foodservice landscape.

Add authentic flavor to the mix!

Serve up a delicious, craveable bakery staple with Pillsbury™ Crème Cake Mix, containing no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. This cake has incredible taste, quality and performance—all with simple ingredients for a more refined eating experience.

And with sixty-one percent of Americans claiming the absence of artificial colors and flavors is important to their food purchase decisions, you can see why baking with Pillsbury™ Crème Cake Mix can boost your bottom line.²

Get creative with your Crème Cake

Pillsbury™ Crème Cake Mix is incredibly versatile and allows you to create many delicious bakery items from just one mix—including desserts that hold up well to takeout and delivery. Use it for baked goods of all shapes and sizes, including Bundt cakes, muffins, cookies and so much more. Plus, its rich and succulent formula is excellent for suspending fruits, nuts and other tasty morsels.

Get creative with your Crème Cake! Show us how you use this mix to create delicious to-go desserts and share your results with us @GeneralMillsCF on Instagram!

What do you say? Ready to get back-to-basics?

Explore more ways to use Pillsbury™ Crème Cake Mix with these easy and delicious recipes and application ideas. 

¹Technomic Away from Home FS Bakery 2019

²The Nielsen Global Health and Ingredient-Sentiment Survey, Q1 2016