College & University Food Service Recipes

These days breakfast is an all-day affair: A full 18% of breakfast foods at quick service restaurants are served at non-breakfast hours (12pm to 4am,) and for full-service restaurants that same number increases to 28%.1

From cereal to yogurt, and pancakes to waffles, breakfast foods are no longer exclusively for the bleary-eyed and bed-headed. This means you can capitalize on new ways to use existing back-of-house staples traditionally served at breakfast like cereal, yogurt and mix.

Whether you make it savory or keep it sweet, our Break Out of The Bowl program gives you student-pleasing recipes developed by our expert culinary team, plus downloadable assets to get people all over campus excited about your food.

The Break Out of The Bowl recipe collection is available below. You’ll find the latest trend-inspired recipes like a Sweet Potato Eggs Benedict Wafflewich, Nutella Banana Biscuit Beignets, and more.

Check out our tasty recipes and flavorize your campus menu program today!

1 NPD/Crest®, YE Mar’16