Serve Hot and Delicious Pillsbury™ Stuffed Waffles

Grab and go ready for your busy patrons!
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Additional Product Details

How-To Demonstration

Learn how to prepare and serve delicious, hot Pillsbury™ Stuffed Waffles with your equipment.

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How-To Guide

Download, print, and display this one-page guide in your prep area for your employees.

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Good To Know

Stuffed Waffles
  • Sweet, maple-flavored crispy waffle, stuffed with your breakfast favorites! 
  • Now available in two great flavors: sausage, egg, and cheese and bacon, egg, and cheese
  • Works with multiple prep methods: microwaves, speed cook ovens, convection ovens, rack ovens, conventional ovens, or impingement ovens.
  • Sold in warmer in the hot food section of convenience store
  • Up to 4 hour hold time!
  • Ships frozen and heated in store 
  • Pillsbury™ brand is associated with trust, quality, and delicious, warm-baked food


  • New sandwich format brings excitement to your breakfast offerings
  • Convenient, grab and go format for busy patrons
  • Easy to make—just heat, package, and serve!
  • High quality ingredients provide superior taste

Merchandising Tools

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