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How to Create a Feeling of Home for Residents Through Food


We believe in creating a feeling of home through food. That’s why General Mills gives you delicious products from the brands your residents love.

Our portfolio helps you to:

Make sweet moments easy and memorable

  • We offer muffins, the #1 selling sweet baked good¹
  • We offer cinnamon rolls, voted as operators’ most important baked breakfast item²
  • We’re responsible for foodservice’s first freezer-to-oven baked goods
  • Enjoy nine hours reduced batter thaw time with our TubeSet™ Muffins!
  • Menu delectable sweets with our Gold Medal™ Mix, just by adding water

Offer breakfast favorites away from home

  • Our Cheerios™ are the highest consumed cereal by seniors³
  • The taste and texture of our Yoplait® Yogurt is preferred by patrons over the competition⁴
  • Our Pillsbury™ products are #1 in frozen biscuits, muffin batter, cinnamon rolls and scones⁵

¹Technomic Away From Home Bakery Products Category, 12/2016;
²Technomic Away From Home Bakery Products Category, 12/2016;
³NPD SupplyTrack 12 months ending 6/17;
⁴Based on external single location CLT., N=120, 8/14/18, Based on mean liking & preference scores Dannon Pro Vanilla vs ParfaitPro Vanilla & Dannon Pro Strawberry vs ParfaitPro Strawberry;
⁵NPD SupplyTrack 12 months endings 6/17 (Muffins), 4/18 (UB Biscuits), 2/18 (Scones, CinnRolls), $ Vol;