Discover the upsides to CUPsides!


Get the 411 on the benefits of 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups, menu ideas, inspiration, tools, resources and MORE with Cereal CUPsides, a video series tailored for today’s K-12 foodservice operators. In this series, each video dives into important industry topics, nutrition facts, activation ideas and ways operators can think outside of the cereal box and save on time and labor with 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups. Looking for more information and inspiration on 2-grain cereal? Check out our Grow with Grains toolkit for even more tools and resources.

Episode 1: Regulation Ready

It’s more than just a cup, it’s a cup filled with benefits! Tune in to uncover the nutritional upsides to our 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups that are designed to keep kids fed and focused.

Episode 2: Tons of fun!

A cup of nutrition and fun! Tune in to discover why kids keep coming back for seconds of our 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups and learn new ways to keep the fun going even outside of the cafeteria!

Episode 3: Sized just right!

From the smallest hands to the biggest appetites, our 2 oz equivalent cereal cups keep kids full and coming back for more! Tune in to discover why our operators love menuing our cereal cups and discover new ways to spread the joy in your cafeteria!

Episode 4: Variety for all!

From the flavors students crave, to the nutrition they need! Our lineup of our 2 oz equivalent cereal cups offers kids the brands they know and love. Keep kids interested in mealtime with variety!

Episode 5: Less Labor

Less labor means more to love! The simple, delicious, regulation-ready way to reduce staff labor AND delight students.