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2 Grain Cereal Cups for K-12!


A Cup Full of Benefits

Honey Cheerios™, Blueberry Chex™ and other 2 grain cereals from General Mills are an exciting way to give students the nutrition they need, all with just one product for inventory, storage and serving.

Here’s just a taste of the benefits these cereals can bring to your school:

  • Fulfill 2 grain requirements
  • Encourage milk consumption
  • Offer more grab ‘n go options
  • Reduce staff labor
  • Satisfy gluten-free demand
  • Offer CACFP-eligible options
  • Provide student-loved and parent-trusted brands

Find your school’s perfect cereal cup solution:

Cereal Cup Table

Get Inspired!
See how districts are using 2 grain cereal cups in their schools.

Cereal Cup Map

“Planning distance learning meals has involved a different thought process for us regarding meal planning. We were in need of a breakfast item that was student friendly, did not require a lot of assistance for younger learners, and was shelf stable so larger families didn't have to worry about the amount of refrigerator space when picking up distance learning meals. The GM 2 oz bowl packs fit our needs in every way and we are happy that they are going over well with students and parents alike.”

“Our district is using the 2 oz cups as a breakfast choice. We switched from the 1 oz General Mills cereals prior to the 2 oz. The kids LOVE them. In fact, we have students buying extras. Many of the adults are coming in to purchase them as well. The 2 oz cereals are a great product! They are a true hit with our students and staff. As able, bring more flavors to the table. Very excited about the 2 oz blueberry chex cereal for this next year.”

“Our district is using the 2 grain cups for our secondary schools. We also use them for our remote curbside meals and also our take home weekend meals for our in person students. The kids like them, no complaints.“

“We use the 2 grain cereal cups in our Elementary, Middle and High Schools breakfast menus and for the weekend meals that students take home. Before, we were using the 1 oz cereal bowls and adding an extra item to meet the 2 oz grain. 2 oz cups are more convenient during COVID because they meet the 2 oz grain and less labor is required. Kids love them, participation is higher, especially when we offer honey nut cheerios, cocoa puffs, and cinnamon toast crunch. Also, the cup has a better grip to hold than a bowl.”

“Our district has utilized the 2OEG General Mills cereal cup since it was produced. It's been a well-received breakfast option during our SY21-22 meal operations as it's incredibly versatile. Whether we're offering meals curbside, in the classroom, in the cafeteria or Grab 'n Go, the 2OEG cereal cup is a wonderful no labor, no waste breakfast option!“

Gwinnett County Public Schools saw cereal and milk consumption skyrocket after introducing 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups. “Our cereal sales went through the roof,” said Karen Hallford, director of the district’s School Nutrition Program. “We saw a 10 percent uptick in milk sales each week, beginning with National School Breakfast Week, and it continued through the end of the school year.” Click here to read more about Gwinnett’s cereal cup success.

“We serve cereal every day in all of our schools.  It is a very popular breakfast item among our students.  However, the extra grain that we had to put with the 1 oz bowlpak was extra cost, labor, and usually wasted because that item would end up in the trash and not even consumed.  When we switched to the General Mills 2g cup, the students took notice and we saw better participation at all levels for breakfast and continue to have success with this menu item.  Most of all, we are happy about not having to bundle the cereal with another item for compliance and the students get that extra grain in the cereal instead.  It's a win-win!!”

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