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3 Ways to Pair YoGo Coolers with Other Items at School


Let’s get down to the details:

YoGo Coolers, coffee shop-inspired yogurt beverages, can be made in many different flavors.

  • Each cooler credits as 1 cup fluid milk and 1 meat/meat alternate when offered at school!
  • Pairing a YoGo Cooler with a 1 ounce equivalent grain item and 1 cup of fruit counts for a reimbursable breakfast.
  • YoGo Coolers are great for breakfast or lunch.
  • Bonus: refreshing coffee drinks made with yogurt are especially good for filling up active, growing kids because of their high protein content!

Bundle YoGo Coolers

Pairing YoGo Coolers with other items as a bundle is advantageous for you, and advantageous for your students. Why? Bundling helps you sell more items because kids who might really want one item in a bundle purchase the whole thing. This same logic also works for encouraging kids to try new things. If their favorite pouch cereal is paired with an unfamiliar cooler, they will be more inclined to order the bundle.

Bundling also creates fast casual appeal—many coffee shops and cafés offer bundling options!

Perfect Pairing Suggestions

S’more please: S’mores YoGo Cooler + Green Apple + Golden Grahams™ Pouch Cereal

Day brightener: Peach-sicle YoGo Cooler + Pillsbury® Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich + Seasonal Fruit Cup

Caramel apple delight: Caramel YoGo Coffee Cooler + Pillsbury® Chocolate Filled Crescent + Apple

Recipe Book

Download the free YoGo Cooler Recipe Book for more bundling ideas here!

Good Times Café

Interested in even more free downloads, recipes and inspiration? Check out Good Times Café, a fast-casual concept we’ve developed specifically for K-12 operators like you.