News You Can Use: Cereal Bars and Trix™ Yogurt

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Communication is key when it comes to successful school feeding programs, and foodservice directors play an important role in sharing information about the products they have chosen for their menus.

As General Mills continues to make changes to some of our most popular products served in schools, we want to help you in sharing the good news in your own communications to parents and your greater school community. It is our hope that these positive changes will make an impact, helping you to increase participation and gain additional support for your school menus.

There is also an article about how cereal bars are a wholesome choice for school menus. Now available in six varieties made without gelatin, cereal bars from General Mills contain no artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources.

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Now Serving Yogurt with Less Sugar, No Gelatin

Schools are constantly on the lookout for products that will please kids while accommodating a broad array of dietary needs and preferences. Thanks to recent changes to Yoplait® Trix™ Yogurt, now more kids can enjoy yogurt as part of their day.

Yogurt is a nutritious and convenient option that is great fit for school menus whether it is at breakfast, lunch or as a wholesome snack. In addition to being a good source of important nutrients such as vitamin D, calcium and potassium, yogurt is a popular choice among students. Simply put, kids love yogurt!

Recognizing that products containing gelatin do not meet some students’ religious or dietary needs, General Mills has removed gelatin from the Trix yogurt offered in schools. In addition, Trix yogurt, served in schools, now contains 25 percent less sugar with 9 grams of sugar per four-ounce serving.

The changes are the latest in the company’s efforts to help schools serve the best possible products to students that are reflective of how they are eating at home.

Raising the (Cereal) Bar

It is important for schools to offer kids the foods that will fuel them for learning and that they will also enjoy eating. Cereal bars, made from the popular cereals that kids love, are a wholesome menu item that now even more kids can enjoy eating.

Six varieties of the popular cereal bars from General Mills are now made without gelatin, making them available to more kids with dietary restrictions. These include: Cocoa Puffs™, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios™, Cinnamon Toast Crunch™, Trix™, Team Cheerios™ and Fruity Cheerios™.

The cereal bars are also made with no artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources, are a good source of whole grain and contain 9 grams of sugar. None of the cereal bars from General Mills contain high fructose corn syrup.

Convenient, no-mess and portable, cereal bars make for a flexible menu option and are often used across school menus, whether at breakfast or as a snack in grab-and-go or kiosk areas.

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1Yoplait Trix yogurt cup products currently have 13 grams of sugar and will be reduced to 9 grams per 4 ounce serving for 25% less sugar.