Gold Medal™ Neapolitan

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This untreated artisan flour allows you to create the crisp yet tender crust that your patrons demand from their Neapolitan pizza. This domestically-sourced match for Italian flour is available in 50 lb. bags.

  • Medium protein for balanced strength
  • Ideal match for European-style flours
  • Tolerant to wood-fired ovens, perfect for Neapolitan crusts

Neapolitan Style Crust Formulation

Ingredients Baker's % 10# batch Large batch
Gold Medal® Neapolitan Flour 100 10 lb. 50 lb.
Water* 63 6 lb. 5 oz. 31 lb. 8 oz.
Salt (sea salt, find grind) 2.25 3.6 oz. 1 lb. 2 oz.
Yeast (instant) 0.25 .4 oz 2 oz.
Batch Weight   16 lb. ¾ oz 81 lb. 12 oz.
* Temper water to achieve a finished dough temperature of 78-82 degrees F.

Neapolitan Style Dough Procedure

Place water into mixer bowl along with the salt and mix with dough hook for 2 minutes on low speed or until dissolved. Add Flour and yeast then mix on low speed for 2 minutes. Check bowl characteristics**.

Continue mixing for 8 minutes on low speed.

Remove dough from bowl and allow to rest for 15 - 30 minutes (keep dough covered to prevent drying).

Divide and round dough into desired portions.

Place dough balls into tote or on sheet pans lightly coated with vegetable oil or flour. Cover and refrigerate.

Remove dough from refrigerator and allow dough to warm to room temperature for approximately 60-90 minutes or until 60ºF minimum.

** Bowl Characteristics: At about 2 minutes the dough should be releasing from the sides of the bowl but still be sticking to the bottom. If it is too wet and sticking to the bottom add a little more flour. If the dough is too dry and clinging only to the hook add more water.

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