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The Best of Pizza Expo 2019

Re-live the best moments of Pizza Expo 2019 from our dough experts, The Doughminators™.

Pizza Expo Kick-off

Pizza Expo 2019 began Monday night March 4 with Doughminators Bill Weekley and Tom Santos, along with Corporate Chef Tim Trainor welcoming new attendees during an event geared to 100 first-time operators. It’s always so exciting to interact with these “fresh” operators—and we couldn’t wait for them to see the ever-popular Pizza Crust Boot Camp the next day.

Pizza Crust Boot Camp

Tuesday morning Pizza Crust Boot Camp kicked off to a standing room only audience. Bill Weekley and Tom Santos presented this well-known seminar that has been helping operators for over two decades! There were two sessions offered on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the morning discussion focused on technical aspects of dough and the afternoon discussion focused on the practical handling of dough.

Then comes our favorite part—connecting with the operators from across the country after the sessions and at our booth, answering specific questions and hearing how we have impacted their business throughout the years. That’s tough to beat!

The Booth


The General Mills booth was buzzing with all things flour—from The Doughminators helping select the right flour for your signature crust to the Flour Sales team highlighting regional trends and where to purchase General Mills products. Hourly appearances by the Pillsbury™ Doughboy added to the booth excitement for both consumers and General Mills staff alike.


Twice a day, Tom Santos and Bill Weekley mixed dough to highlight the process that was explained during Boot Camp, and helped troubleshoot common dough issues, in dough demonstrations that were definitely a crowd pleaser. On Tuesday there was a bit a technical difficulty as the dough hook broke during mixing. After several phone calls the help of Raul Valadez at nParallel, a new hook was overnighted, and the presentations began again on Wednesday.

So, what was the most popular topic of discussion at our booth? The trend of untreated (unbleached) flour and how will switching to untreated flour effect your dough. In this era of ingredient simplification, we see this “clean label” flour trend continuing to rise and were happy to discuss our untreated flour portfolio with booth visitors. There was also a good deal of questions surrounding wood fired pizza crust and best flour to use for it.

The 2019 Winning Pizza Crust…

For the 2nd year in a row, Pizza Expo attendees’ favorite pizza crust is (drumroll, please)…NY-Style! Patrons could vote on their favorite crust at our booth and it was apparent early on that NY-Style was the favorite. Along with the interactive voting, we gave out favorite crust t-shirts and hats.

crust voting booth

Patrons were encouraged to Vote on their favorite crust and from early on it was apparent that the NY style Pizza Crust was far and away the favorite. This is the third year in the row that it’s been named the favorite. Everyone enjoyed the hands-on voting experience and appreciated the shirts and hat gifts.

Thank you from the General Mills Team

We were honored to meet, and provide expertise, to so many operators who stopped by our booth. From your General Mills Team—thank you for joining us and we hope to see you next year!

Not able to make Pizza Expo? Download our popular Pizza Crust Boot Camp Guide and you’ll almost feel like you were there.