General Mills Foodservice Introduces Regulation-Ready Trix™ Cereal for K-12 Schools

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A student favorite is back with less sugar, a new fruity flavor and as a 2 oz. equivalent grain.

WHAT:            Trix™ cereal, FUN in every way, SHAPE and form, is now available in a 2 oz. equivalent grain cup with fun, fruity shapes that are sure to drive excitement and participation with students.

This new flavor is regulation-ready with 25 percent less sugar¹ and is CACFP eligible while also meeting Smart Snacks in School standards². There are no colors from artificial sources or high-fructose corn syrup.

New Regulation-Ready Trix™ Cereal

  • 2 oz. equivalent grain
  • 25% less sugar and CACFP eligible (6 g sugar/1 oz)
  • Meets Smart Snacks in School standards
  • No color from artificial sources, no high-fructose corn syrup
Trix™ Cereal

WHY:             “We are thrilled to introduce this student favorite with fun shapes and flavors in a 2-ounce grain equivalent easy-to-eat and easier-to-enjoy package,” said Ellie Headley, senior associate marketing manager with General Mills Foodservice. “Operators will love the ease of serving and clean up while students get to enjoy great taste in the classroom, cafeteria or on-the-go.”

WHERE:          For more information about Trix™ cereal, K-12 foodservice directors can contact their General Mills Foodservice sales representative or visit

                        About General Mills Foodservice

General Mills Foodservice serves the foodservice and bakery industries by providing quality products from time-trusted brands along with culinary, nutrition education and marketing resources to help operators succeed. Its distinguished brand portfolio includes Big G Cereals, Yoplait, Nature Valley, Gold Medal, Pillsbury, Chex Mix, Bugles, Gardetto’s and Annie’s. For more information, please visit

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¹At least 25% less sugar than the leading fruit-flavored cereal. No reduction in calories. Sugar content is 6g/oz eq grain vs the leading fruit-flavored at 10g per serving.
²1 oz bowlpak is Smart Snacks compliant. The new 2 oz cup can be served same day or the following day of service. See USDA Memo SP35-2014.

CONTACT:   Sarah Peterson
                      General Mills Foodservice