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Pillsbury™ Donut Base Mix Gold-N-Raise Raised Donut 50 lb

Pillsbury™ donut base mixes are formulated to tolerate a variety of shop conditions, while delivering good shelf life, tender texture and flavorful taste. You'll consistently produce great-tasting raised donuts with excellent volume, symmetry, and crust color with donut skin that is ideal for glazes, icings, or sugar is great for donut muffins and savory doughnuts. Available in a cost-effective, 50 lb bulk format for larger operations.

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Product Information

PRODUCT CODE: 138206000
UPC: 018000382064
GTIN: 10018000382061

Nutrition Facts


Nutrition Information Currently Unavailable

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Preparation Instructions


Dissolve yeast in water. Add mix to bowl. Mix for 1 min on low. Mix on med 10-12 min until dough is smooth, dry and pliable. Dough temp 80° F. Fermentation: 65 min. Make-up: divide or strip. Rest: 15 min. Proof: give 3/4 proof with just enough moisture to prevent crusting. Fry at 375° F.

Features & Details

  • Formulated to tolerate a variety of shop conditions, while delivering good shelf life.
  • Results in tender texture and flavorful taste.

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Nutritional information is subject to change. See product label to verify ingredients and allergens.