Bulk Yogurt Creations: Smoothie Bowl & Overnight Oats

Bring variety to customers with customizable smoothie bowl and overnight oat recipes.


Action Station Set-up


Before setting up action station

  • Make sure you have the right bulk yogurt product from Yoplait and have ordered the ingredients that you will need to run this station.
  • Train staff on what the new concept is going to be and on how to make it successful
  • Assign staff to prepare all the various items that will be placed on the salad bar
  • Make sure to order the needed disposables (8 oz bowls )
  • Following the smoothie bowl recipes provided, make sure you prep all ingredients ahead of time.
  • For overnight oats, make sure you allow enough time for them to soak (8-12 hours)
  • Set up station according to the planogram (above)
  • Assign an employee to monitor the station during peak hours to refill ingredients when needed and collect feedback

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