Recipe Submission

Can I enter more than one recipe into the contest?


Yes, you can submit as many recipe entries as you like but each entry should only be submitted once.

How do I know that my online entry was accepted?


If your online entry was successfully submitted, you will see the following message after you click the submit button, “Thank you for entering!” You should also receive a confirmation email which is auto-generated after submission is received.

Do I have to enter my recipe on the entry form?


This year, we are just asking that you share your restaurant/community story. The industry has changed and we know many are struggling. We want to hear how our product(s) have helped you during this time. If selected, we will follow-up to ask you to provide your recipe details (ingredients and how-to) so that we can re-create with our culinary staff and test for viability, taste it and photograph it.

After I submitted my recipe entry, I realized that I made a mistake in the recipe. What should I do?


Once your recipe is submitted, that entry can no longer be changed. Submit a new entry with the correct version of your recipe, including the words “corrected version” in the title of your recipe.

Can I save an entry that I’m working on and then finish it at a later date?


Yes. Upon entering Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest, you will set up an account which allows you to save and come back to your current recipes And recipes you have already submitted.

Do I have to upload a photo of what the recipe looks like?


Yes. This is a way of validating your entry. Don’t worry about poor photography but we do have tip and ideas:

  • Ensure good lighting (well lit)
  • Consider including our packaging in your shot (not required or used in judging)
  • Upload a high-resolution image

What do you mean by Recipe Inspiration or Share My Story?


Share your story: Briefly share how you used our product in a creative way and what inspired you to create this recipe. This could be a takeout recipe you created that helped (or is helping) your business or a recipe that brings comfort, joy or other benefits to your patrons and community during this challenging time. Is this recipe a menu staple or new creation?

Can I enter my entry in a language other than English?


No. Entries must be submitted in English at this time.

Can I use a mobile device to submit my entry?


Yes, however, it may take some time to fill out the entry form completely so a desktop, laptop or tablet device may be easier.

How can I find out how my recipe was rated among the entries?


The volume of entries we receive does not allow us to provide feedback on the evaluation of individual recipes.


Can I use multiple eligible products in a single recipe submission?


Yes, but only one eligible product is required. See the Eligible Products page on NeighborhoodToNation.com for a complete listing of products.

Is there a minimum amount of eligible product that needs to be used?


No minimum amount needs to be used but the eligible product used does need to be listed in the ingredient list in your recipe.

If I have toppings or garnishes I would like to use for my recipe, should I include these in my recipe?


Yes, if we reach out to get your recipe details, you should indicate suggested amounts in your recipe ingredient list and address it in your preparation instructions. This will allow the judges to evaluate the recipe as you intended.

If I suggest an accompaniment like rice in my recipe, will the kitchen testers determine that amount?


No, if an accompaniment is needed for your recipe, please include it in your ingredient list indicating the suggested amount and address in your preparation instructions. This will allow the judges to understand your intentions for how the accompaniment goes with your dish.

Can I enter a recipe that uses a preparation method like marinating overnight or braising for 4 to 6 hours?


Yes, clearly indicate this additional time in your preparation instructions.

Can I enter a recipe that uses outdoor grilling as a preparation method?


No, all recipe preparation and cooking must be done with indoor restaurant appliances. (E.g. ovens, flat top ranges, tilt braiser, etc.)

Some recipes use raw ingredients like eggs and flour without cooking or baking them. Can I submit a recipe using raw ingredients without a baking or cooking step?


No, recipes that contain eggs, baking mixes, flour, refrigerated or frozen dough or batter products must include a baking or cooking step.


I can't find an eligible product through my Distributor or at a Cash and Carry location. Can you help me locate the product in my area?


We suggest that you ask your Distributor if they can order the product for you, or select another eligible product available in your area. You can also use our new product locator function on our website. We have a new BUY NOW feature on the site!

How do I know which General Mills Foodservice products are eligible for the Contest?


See the Eligible Products page on NeighborhoodToNation.com for a complete listing of products.


Can I have further clarification on whether I am eligible to enter the Contest?


You are eligible to enter if you are 21 years of age or older as of August 1, 2020, are a foodservice operator, chef or line cook who develops recipes for menu items served to paying guests at an independent, commercial restaurant or food truck operation as your primary form of employment and are a legal United States resident residing in one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia at the time of contest entry.

An independent, commercial restaurant operation is defined as a restaurant owned and operated by an individual, family, or group of people. Independent, commercial restaurant enterprises with nineteen (19) or fewer restaurant units are eligible to enter the contest.

An independent, commercial food truck operation is defined as a mobile vehicle equipped to cook and sell food that is owned and operated by an individual, family or group of people. A commercial kitchen may be used for food prep. Independent, commercial food truck enterprises with nineteen (19) or fewer trucks are eligible to enter the contest.

Contest is open to independent restaurants and food truck operators only.

I worked on a recipe with another person. Can we enter the contest as a team?


No, only one person may be assigned to each recipe submission. You cannot though enter on behalf of someone else. Encourage them to enter!

What if my restaurant/food truck is currently shut down due to COVID-19?


You can still enter our contest. We hope that by winning, you are able to put it towards re—opening. We are here to support and help your business.

Contest Judging, Finalists & Recipe Winners

Are all recipes submitted to the contest read and judged, or do you select just some of the recipes to review? Do you test all the entries in your kitchens?


All entries submitted during the Entry Period that meet the entry requirements are read and judged by food professionals. From the many entries, a smaller group is selected for kitchen testing and evaluation by a taste panel.

How are the recipes judged?


Judges will evaluate and score entries based on use of the eligible product, foodservice viability and your recipe inspiration story. The top 40 selected will be asked to submit their recipe in full details so our culinary judges can validate and taste test to determine the 20 winners. The criteria on those include:

  • Taste
  • Appearance
  • Creativity
  • Foodservice Viability

How will the “People’s Choice” winner be selected?


One of the 20 winners will have a chance to be selected as the “People’s choice” winner (Grand Prize) as determined by social media votes and
comments. The recipe that receives the most comments and engagement will be chosen. More details will be posted on our Facebook page.

What if I don’t have a Facebook page?


You can still be a winner but you won’t be eligible in the “People’s Choice” (Grand Prize) voting.

Would you please provide more details about the Foodservice Viability judging criteria?


Foodservice Viability means that the recipe is relevant to the industry (independent, commercial restaurants), can be realistically executed in a restaurant kitchen, and is designed to make multiple servings that would satisfy a restaurant’s multi-patron demand.

What if there is a tie among recipes during the judging process?


In the event of a tie between two or more recipes, the recipe receiving the highest score for the Judging Criteria of Creativity will be deemed the Winner.

Click here for Official Contest Rules.