Got questions? Here are the answers.

If you have a question about the Neighborhood to Nation™ Recipe Contest not addressed here, please contact a customer service representative at 1-800-767-5404. You can also visit our Facebook page to ask questions and get contest updates.

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Can I enter more than one recipe into the contest?

Yes, you can submit as many recipe entries as you like. However, only one recipe per entrant may be featured as one of the Top 6 Finalists.

How do I know that my online entry was accepted?

If your online entry was successfully submitted, you will see the following message, “Thank you for entering!”. If you do not see this message, your entry was not submitted.

After I submitted my recipe entry, I realized that I made a mistake in the recipe. What should I do?

Once your recipe is submitted, that entry can no longer be changed. Submit a new entry with the correct version of your recipe, including the words “corrected version” in the title of your recipe.

Can I save an entry that I’m working on and then finish it at a later date?

Yes. Upon entering Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest, set up an account to save and review your current recipes & submissions.

Can I send a photo of what the recipe should look like?

No. Photos or diagrams will not be accepted.

How can I find out how my recipe was rated among the entries?

The volume of entries we receive does not allow us to provide feedback on the evaluation of individual recipes.

My recipe could be entered in two different categories. How do I know which one to choose?

Enter your recipe in the category you think it fits best (breakfast, entrée or dessert). However, per the Contest Official Rules, Judges reserve the right to re-assign recipes to different categories, as they deem appropriate.


Can I use multiple eligible products in a single recipe submission?

Yes, but please make sure at least one of the products uses the minimum eligible amount. Minimum eligible amounts are identified in the eligible product list, accessible via a link in the “How Do I Enter?” section of the Contest Official Rules.

I like to offer toppings for my recipe, like sour cream or Parmesan cheese. Do I have to indicate how much of those toppings to use, since each person could add toppings as they like?

Yes, you should indicate suggested amounts in your recipe ingredient list and address it in your preparation instructions. This will allow the judges to evaluate the recipe as you intended.

Do I need to list garnishes in my ingredient list?

Yes, any recipe garnish must be listed under the “Garnishes” section of the entry form. Please state the ingredients and amounts per serving—and provide instructions on how to prepare and serve your garnishes. This will allow the judges to evaluate the recipe as intended.

A garnish is not a requirement.

If I suggest an accompaniment like rice in my recipe, will the kitchen testers determine that amount?

No, if an accompaniment is needed for your recipe, please include it in your ingredient list indicating the suggested amount and address in your preparation instructions. This will allow testing kitchens to understand your intentions for how the accompaniment goes with your dish.

What if I have a cooking and baking step in my recipe and have multiple pans/times. How should I list this in my recipe?

Clearly indicate all pans and pan sizes needed as well as any equipment you used in the preparation instructions.

Can I enter a recipe that uses a preparation method like marinating overnight or braising for 4 to 6 hours?

Yes, please clearly indicate this additional time in your preparation instructions.

Can I enter a recipe that uses outdoor grilling as a preparation method?

No, all recipe preparation and cooking must be done with indoor restaurant appliances. (E.g. ovens, flat top ranges, tilt braiser, etc.)

Some recipes use raw ingredients like eggs and flour without cooking or baking them. Can I submit a recipe using raw ingredients without a baking or cooking step?

No, recipes that contain eggs, baking mixes, flour, refrigerated or frozen cookie dough or other fresh dough products must include a baking or cooking step.


I can't find an eligible product through my Distributor or at a Cash and Carry location. Can you help me locate the product in my area?

We suggest that you ask your Distributor if they can order the product for you, or select another eligible product available in your area.

How do I know which General Mills Foodservice products are eligible for the Contest?

See the Eligible Products page on for a complete listing of products.

How much of an eligible product do I need to use in my recipe?

Below are the minimum required amounts for each eligible product. Each recipe must use at least the minimum required amount of at least one eligible product. Recipes may contain more than these amounts if needed. This information is also included in the Ingredient List accessible via a link in the “How Do I Enter?” section of the Official Contest Rules.

  • Pillsbury Frozen Biscuit Dough: 16 biscuit pucks
  • Gold Medal Mixes: ½ box or pouch
  • Yoplait Yogurt: 2lbs (32oz) or 4 cups
  • Pillsbury Puff Pastry Dough (sheets): 2 sheets or 24oz (1lb, 8oz)
  • Pillsbury Puff Pastry Dough (squares): 24 (2oz) squares
  • Mountain High Yoghurt: 2lbs (32oz) or 4 cups
  • Pillsbury Frozen Pot Pie Crust Dough: 8 shells


Can I have further clarification on whether I am eligible to enter the Contest?

Foodservice Operators, head chefs, lead line cooks, or anyone responsible for developing or preparing menu items at an independent, commercial, foodservice restaurant are eligible to enter the recipe contest.

An Independent Restaurant is defined as a restaurant owned and operated by an individual, family, or group of people. Commercial restaurant enterprises with nine or fewer restaurant units may enter the contest to win. Independent Restaurant Operators who manage a catering and/or food truck business without a bricks and mortar restaurant/establishment are not eligible to enter the contest.

I worked on a recipe with another person. Can we enter the contest as a team?

No, only one person may be assigned to each recipe submission.

Contest Judging, Finalists and Recipe Winners

Are all recipes submitted to the contest read and judged, or do you select just some of the recipes to review? Do you test all the entries in your kitchens?

All entries submitted during the Entry Period that meet the entry requirements are read and judged by food professionals. From the many entries, a smaller group is selected for kitchen testing and evaluation by a taste panel. See description of the judging process here.

How are the recipes judged?

Judges will evaluate and score recipes using the contest Judging Criteria of Taste, Appearance, Creativity and Foodservice Viability. Recipes with the highest scores will be deemed Finalists. Judges will select six recipes from all eligible entries received using the judging criteria, and the entrants whose recipes are selected will be deemed Finalists.

Would you please provide more details about the Foodservice Viability judging criteria?

Foodservice Viability means that the recipe is relevant to the industry (independent, commercial restaurants), can be realistically executed in a restaurant kitchen, and is designed to make multiple servings (minimum of 12) that would satisfy a restaurant’s multi-patron demand.

What if there is a tie among recipes during the judging process?

In the event of a tie between two or more recipes, the recipe receiving the highest score for the Judging Criteria of Creativity will be deemed the Winner.

How will the Grand Prize winner be announced?

The Grand Prize Recipe Winner will be announced at an event at General Mills’ headquarters in Minneapolis, MN on June 14, 2016. Travel and accommodations will be covered for each of the Top 3 Recipe Winners and a guest. Additional information will be available at a later date. Please visit for more information as the contest continues.

Contest open to independent restaurant operators only.
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