Past Winners

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Explore the legacy left by past contest winners and their innovative recipes. These Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Winners brought incredible creativity and excitement to the table. Learn more about the chefs behind the dishes, their restaurants–and the local flavors they used!

2017 Winning Chefs

Chef Michael Minden

First Place Winner • Chef Michael Minden, Michael V’s Restaurant & Bar

Michael’s culinary journey has taken him all over the southern regions of the country, including stops in Texas, Alabama and Florida. He now calls Tulsa Home, where his well-traveled influences have led him to his own restaurant with a menu that features classic cuisine with a twist. He also enjoys baking almost everything in-house in order to share his incredible experiences through food. Read More »

Chef Carrie Hudson

Second Place Winner • Chef Carrie Hudson, West Egg Café

An attendee of the Art Institute of Atlanta for Culinary Arts, Carrie revels in delighting with food that brings joy. Now, as pastry chef at West Egg Café, a southern comfort oasis in Atlanta, Carrie brings her loves for baking, farmers markets and seasonal produce together to come up with new, exciting flavor combinations for her famous hand pies. Read More »

2016 Winning Chefs

Dan Duris

First Place Winner • Dan Duris, Co-Owner and Chef of the Gypsy Café

Dan Duris’ Gypsy Café is an eclectic mix of local charm and global flavors. Indonesian, Mediterranean, Ethiopian and Asian cuisines are uniquely combined on his innovative menu. Dan’s creativity extends beyond food. His restaurant is also an expression of his artistry as seen in the intricate file mosaics that adorn his café. Read More »

Nancy Butcher

Second Place Winner • Nancy Butcher, Owner and Chef of Nutcracker 50's Family Restaurant

As co-owner of this 50’s style diner, Nancy Butcher and her husband Steve are celebrating over 20 years running this beloved neighborhood restaurant. Nancy’s talent for pie making led her to create her winning recipe. A former member of the Ohio National Guard, Nancy continues to serve her community by offering free meal to veterans twice a year. Read More »

2016 Honorable Mention Chefs

Quiche de Fromage

Honorable Mention • Eileen Randman, Chef and Owner of the Café at the Corner

For a taste of France, this Paris-trained chef features gourmet lunches and classic desserts at this casual neighborhood corner.

Seared Salmon Millefeuille with Bacon Mushroom Filling and Fresh Herbed Butter Sauce

Honorable Mention • Yoshiharu Sogi, Chef and Sommelier at The Zina Lounge

Offering a true “wine and food experience,” this elegant spot features a six-course menu that unites the flavors of Japan and France.

Italian Cream Cheese Cake with Amaretto Orange Peel

Honorable Mention • Donal Clark, Owner of Miller’s Seawall Grill

A finalist last year, Donal returns with another inspiring dessert from his award-winning menu of eclectic local favorites.

2015 Winning Chefs

Shrimp Etouffee

2015 Grand Prize Winner • Beylka Krupp, Owner, Wobble Café

Beylka wowed judges with her Shrimp Etouffee—a Cajun-spiced shrimp stew that served with rice and jalapeño-cheese cornbread made from Gold Medal™ Corn Muffin Mix. Read More »

Yogurt Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

2015 Finalist • DeDe Johnson, Owner, Johnson’s Farm

2015 Finalist Dede Johnson’s winning recipe is now a business-building strategy. By creating special to-go packages of her awarded cake, she created a new revenue stream. Sweet! Read More »

Pecan Chocolate Ganache Brownie Cake

2015 Finalist • Donal Clark, Owner of Miller’s Seawall Grill

2015 Finalist Donal Clark has a hit on his hands. His guests just can’t get enough of his winning dessert. Even on his expansive dessert menu, the Pecan Chocolate Ganache Brownie Cake is a popular request. Read More »

Winning Recipe Booklet

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Try out the award-winning recipes for yourself. Download a copy of the Neighborhood to Nation winning recipe booklet!

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