Pizza Dough Profitability Calculator

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Should you be charging more for your pizza? The North American Foodservice Gold Medal™ All Trumps™ Flour provides premium quality and reliable texture. Use this profitability calculator to determine the gross profit and margin of your operation’s pizza (based on All Trumps™ Formula 16oz – 18” pie).

Get started by entering the cost of your ingredients and labor.

  • Step 1) Insert your Cost per 50Lb bag of flour
  • Step 2) Insert your estimated cost per oz. of all ingredients
  • Step 3) Insert your hourly wage for your employees making your dough
Cost of your Ingredients

Next, calculate the cost of your pizza dough.

  • Step 4) Insert your estimated number of oz. used per ingredient when making a dough ball (labor assumes it takes 20 minutes to make a dough ball)
Cost of your Dough

Find out how profitable your pizza is!

  • Step 5) Insert your estimated number of oz. used when topping a plain pizza
  • Step 6) Enter your Desired Retail Price—how much would you like to charge for one pizza?
  • Step 7) Review your Gross Profit and Gross Margin. If the output is not what you desire, try changing your desired retail price. Should you be charging more for your product?
Cost per 18 Pizza Pie

*Costs are based on industry estimates and are subject to change. General Mills makes no guarantees on profitability; such pricing tool is intended for estimation purposes only.