Winter Trends 2019

Cozy up to this winter’s tastiest trends: the transformation of croissant dough into an exciting, new hybrid bakery item, comfort food in a new shape, and easy global mashups ideas to delight your customers.

Croissant Muffin

Our croissant dough transforms into an exciting new hybrid menu item for your bakery case. The sky is the limit on fillings and garnishes to attract Insta-worthy buzz!

Square Biscuits

As long as we live hectic, stress-filled lives, comfort food is always going to be on trend. Biscuits and biscuit sandwiches no doubt rank right at the top of foods that both soothe and fortify us; but making scratch biscuits is a skill that can cause stress to the operator: rolling out, cutting the dough, figuring out how much flour to add, and then how to reshape those leftover bits into decent looking biscuits can be intimidating. When one of my chef friends told me about square biscuits popping up in her part of the South, I knew that was a trend worth exploring. Square biscuits baked from Gold Medal Buttermilk Biscuit Mix and a few simple ingredients yield comfort food for the patron and stress-less signature breads for the operator.

Global Mashups

Global mashups are happening more frequently today than ever before. Here are a few easy ideas using our products that can make you have some fun in the kitchen to delight your customers.