College & University Spring Into Action: Encourage Sustainability on Your Campus


Generation Z cares about their world—from the parks in their neighborhoods to the natural wonders they learn about in school. And they’re witnessing a real-time international debate about what can be done to preserve it for future generations. Luckily, they’re taking action. And college and university operators like you can empower students to practice sustainability on campus with our fun and ready-to-go tools!

Download them today to give your students a chance to Spring Into Action!


At General Mills, our sustainability mission is to support thriving farmers and communities while regenerating planetary health. The health of our planet depends on drastically changing the status quo, so we’re doing our part. As an organization, we are committed to sustainably sourcing the ingredients used in our products. In North America Foodservice specifically, we’ve reduced the landfill-bound plastic in our Yoplait® ParfaitPro® products and made our Nature Valleyᵀᴹ Crunchy Bar wrappers store drop-off recyclable.

Now, it’s time to help your students Spring Into Action! April 22ⁿᵈ is Earth Day. Download our free social posts and posters to raise awareness and bring an Earth Day celebration to your campus this spring.


Did you know that you can save the equivalent of 348 vehicle miles worth of emissions by removing one serving of beef a week from your diet? Download our free tools for going meatless in your dining halls on Earth Day – or save the toolkit for later to offer meatless meals any day.


The USDA estimates that between 30-40 percent of the country’s food supply is lost to waste. To help break this cycle, General Mills has teamed up with MealConnect to save billions of pounds of surplus food. Students can Spring Into Action and play a huge role in reducing waste, too—on campus and beyond. Empower them to curb food and packaging waste with our downloadable resources.


One in three bites of food we eat is made possible by bees and other pollinators. And, sadly, 4% of bee colonies in the U.S. collapsed in 2016. To help reverse this crisis, Cheerios™ is set to host approximately 3,300 acres of nectar and pollen-rich wildflowers on oat farms by 2021.

Want to educate your students on the important role bees play in the meals we eat every day? Students can Spring Into Action and create a healthy bee habitat by growing a garden on campus or starting their own personal garden using cup cereal from General Mills!