At the Heart of Every Pizza You’re Proud to Serve

As your trusted partner, General Mills Foodservice is committed to providing flour, dough, and crust solutions that give you peace of mind and allow you to serve pizza you’re proud of, every time.

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Pizza is offered in most foodservice operations

Percentage of Americans who eat pizza at least monthly¹
Percentage of Americans who eat pizza at least weekly¹
Percentage of entrée menus where pizza is featured²

[1] 2022 Technomic Inc. [2] 2021 Datassential

At General Mills Foodservice, we have 150 years of flour and dough expertise, plus the tightest product specifications for a more consistent product.

Expertise you can count on

Our innovative and reliable products seamlessly integrate into any back-of-house process, so you can serve your best pizza.

Green olives and pepperoni on pizza
Variety of product formats

Find consistent quality in a variety of pizza flours, doughs, and crusts.

Chef cutting into Detroit style pizza
Tap into Doughminatorᵀᴹ expertise

Got a pizza crust question? Looking for recipe ideas? We’ve got answers.

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Tips and resources for your best crust

Explore common crust challenges and what you can do to improve them.

Let’s connect

We can partner with you on everything from technical product expertise to ideas to evolve your operation.

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Benefit from our experience

Tap into our pizza-crust expertise — ask a question or float an idea.

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Find inspiration

Pizza trends, menu ideas, promotions and more await in our quarterly newsletter.

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Troubleshoot pizza problems

Watch our expert team of Doughminators™ tackle common challenges.

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