Tips to Enhance the Foodservice Experience

August 17ᵗʰ, 2022
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Eating in restaurants has always been about enjoying an experience that can’t be replicated at home. Unfortunately, many uncontrollable factors have made it more difficult to deliver the consistency and value diners seek. Sonja Kehr is a corporate chef with General Mills, and she recently shared easy-to-implement ideas on enhancing the foodservice experience even during times of change.



Customer Communication Is Key

Guests likely understand the struggles all businesses are facing. If you’re experiencing longer wait times or other setbacks, it’s always better to over-communicate those situations either in person, with in-store signage (at the host stand, cash register or on menus) or through social outlets. Simple messaging can go a long way in managing expectations and keeping things running smoothly.



Make Your Inventory Work Harder

To deal with the possibility of gaps in orders or subs in deliveries, Chef Sonja Kehr recommends keeping more flexible support ingredients on hand. She says it’s all about being creative to deliver what customers expect. “If a shipment of a key item is missed, what else can be used that provides the same function? For example, instead of pie dough circles for empanadas, try thawing and rolling out a biscuit or using a puff-pastry sheet as casing. No mayo for a dressing? Sub with plain yogurt you may have on hand.” The more you can use a single item in multiple applications, the better!



Keep Things Running Smoothly Front-of-House

Your front-of-house staff can also have a huge impact on the overall guest experience.


of surveyed guests said a good experience would encourage them to spend more¹


of guests who had a poor experience that was not resolved by restaurant management told their family and friends about it¹

“Encourage servers to suggest an appetizer, but make it super easy and fast to execute. Doing so increases ticket totals and tips, plus it buys time back of house and keeps guests satisfied while they wait for their other courses.”

Sonja Kehr



Plus-Up your Takeout Choices

Takeout and delivery were on the rise before the pandemic, but now they’re even more ingrained in weekly schedules. Chef Sonja advises operators to think about the consumer’s experience while unboxing their order and work backwards from there. Yes, separating cold ingredients from hot is essential, but she recommends going a step further and giving them the tools to build their own meal such as instructions for a bento-box approach. It helps connect them to the food and can even create the feeling they’ve made it themselves.

Takeaway is
Here to Stay


of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week²


say they use third-party deliverty services at least two times per week²


of consumers spend at least $50 per order when ordering food online²

We know it seems like new, unforeseen challenges arise all the time. With the right partners and product solutions, you can bring back the classic foodservice experience that creates loyal guests and restaurant success.

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