Fall Trends 2019

This fall we are causing quite a stir with stunning Cheesecake Cloud Teas, indulgent Extreme Cereal Shakes, and mouthwatering Biscuit Sandwiches. Get ready to share these Insta-worthy recipes with your customers!

Cheesecake Cloud Tea

Hold on to your tea cups because we’re shaking things up with these unique and delicious cheesecake tea toppers featuring Yoplait® yogurt. Your customers will be flying on Cloud 9 after they experience these addictive, show-stopping drinks.

Extreme Cereal Shakes

Crazy, extreme shakes are all the rage and even better when cereal is the star ingredient. Loaded with breakfast-y goodness, extremely garnished and then decked out with whipped cream, a post-snack nap may be required.

Biscuits Beyond Gravy

Biscuits aren’t just for gravy and sausage and egg anymore. This fall, check out the new classic sandwiches line up that roll deep way past 10 a.m.