Summer Trends 2020

On-trend summer menu ideas to give your takeout or grab-and-go menus a boost: trendy on-the-go personal pies, fresh salad recipes that reduce food waste, and healthy comfort food favorites using real food, so you can indulge without the guilt.

Personal Pies

No need to share when you can have your own individual pie. Whether you want savory or sweet, these scrumptious recipes have you covered. On trend ingredients and flavors are sure to boost your menu mix.

Leftover Breakfast Breads to Global Grain Bowls

I enjoyed a Timatim Fit-Fit salad at my favorite Ethiopian restaurant and mused over the way different cuisines utilize leftover breads. Torn bits of velvety injera in a salad have a lot in common with the toasted bread squares in a Panzanella Salad or even the cubes of day-old loaves in a deeply satisfying French bread pudding. Sustainability and reducing food waste may be on trend in 2020, but total utilization of all food produced in the kitchen has been around even longer than toques and white aprons.

This collection of salad recipes features leftover breakfast breads—biscuits and pancakes in brunch salads. I chose to intertwine several trends: global cuisines, utilizing leftovers, grains & greens, and “bowls.” The bowls featured in these photos are from local Empty Bowls events. Do a quick online search to find an Empty Bowls Event near you and support hunger relief in your area!

Healthy Meal Favorites

Want to keep your taste buds happy while making smarter choices. Plant-based, Flexitarian, Vegan are hot trends that are no flash in the pan. Try some of these healthy comfort favorites using real food, not manufactured, and indulge without the guilt.