Website 101: Easily Find What You Need on the General Mills Foodservice Site

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At General Mills, we’re proud to be your go-to resource as you nourish your students for what’s next. There’s a lot on our website though, and we want to make sure you can easily find what you need in a pinch.

Through recent submissions, we’ve had a few questions come in about how to navigate our website and where to find things.

Below, we’ll dig into some helpful spaces throughout the site that are worth bookmarking, and where to find them as you click around.

Let’s dive in!

Topics discussed in this article

Finding product details

What’s covered here:
  • Nutrition facts
  • Ingredients
  • Preparation instructions

Need to find specific information about the products in your kitchen?

Our product pages have everything you need. Just click on the PRODUCTS tab, and select the product you’re looking for information for. You search for products by category, or by business.

Each product page contains the full details for our products, including allergens and specific preparation details.

Finding General Mills recipes

What’s covered here:
  • Meal-specific recipes
  • Product-specific recipes
  • Seasonal recipes
  • Recipe collections

Navigate to our RECIPES tab for some instant inspiration! We have a lot of recipes to look through on our site, so we’ve made it easy to find what you’re looking for.

You can search for recipes based on product if you’re looking to use on-hand ingredients, or narrow it down by meals, seasonal cuisine, or one of our curated recipe collections.

How to pull up detailed nutrition information

What’s covered here:
  • Nutrition details
  • Crediting letters

Need to get into the details on a product? We have everything you need, available at any time online. Just hover over or click on the RESOURCES tab, and click on the PRODUCT NUTRITION FINDER.

You can use this tool to either look up a product by its name (or part of the name), or even the product code if you have it handy.

If you’d like to browse products, you can type in a general product term, such as ‘biscuits’, and use the checkboxes to filter the results.

Find recipes, videos, promotions, and more

What’s covered here:
  • Downloadable marketing materials
  • Profitability calculator
  • Promotions and rebates
  • Expert tips and tricks
  • Videos
  • Gluten-free resources

At General Mills, we’ve got a lot of info to share — so much so, that it can sometimes be difficult to locate what you’re looking for.

To get started, navigate to the RESOURCES tab. There, you’ll find videos, promotional information, tips and tricks for our in-house experts, and even downloadable posters and table tents in our TOOLKITS category.

The profitability calculator is a handy tool for running the numbers on products you’re considering, and our video library has extensive content that is perfect for training purposes.

Have a question? Send it to us!

At General Mills, we’re here to help, and your feedback makes it all possible. Submit a question to us on Instagram @generalmillsfs or on Facebook at General Mills Foodservice, and yours might be featured in our next roundup of responses!