Planning Made Easy

Passionate about kids' nutrition? We've got you covered with resources for diverse diets, making menu planning a breeze!

Planning Made Easy

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Easy-to-use menu templates

Let us take one task off your plate with colorful, editable menu templates. Brighten any fridge or hallway without the hassle of designing your own.

Browse templates

A student eating a biscuit at lunch

Helpful solutions that boost participation

Dig into resources and promotions designed to engage students and increase revenue.

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Celebrate school lunch heroes in dark blue text outlined in white over light blue circle. White female foodservice operator wearing maroon visor, light blue polo shirt and black apron standing at a yellow illustrated countertop. Blue cafeteria tray with yogurt parfait, apple, and Trix french toast in package. Operator holds mini cinnis in package. Background is illustrated light blue wall, medium blue tile with yellow border.
Celebrate School Lunch Heroes: Some Heroes Wear Aprons Instead of Capes

A big thanks to school lunch heroes for all that you do to nourish kids for what’s next. Celebrate teamwork and creating connections.

All In On Whole Grains. Solutions that boost excitement. NEW 25% Less Sugar Cocoa Puffs Bowlpak, Annie’s Bunny Grahams Honey, and NEW! CinnaFuego Toast Crunch.
All In On Whole Grains: Three Reasons Whole Grains Are Worth It

Discover the nutritional powerhouse of whole grains! Learn why they're essential for health, including benefits like lower cholesterol and...

Beat busy days with breakfast buddies. Trusted brands kids love. Pillsbury Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frozen Mini French Toast, Pillsbury Trix Frozen Mini French Toast, Pillsbury Frozen Mini Cinnis Caramel, Cocoa Puffs 2OEG Bar, Pillsbury Frozen Mini Waffles Blueberry Bash, Pillsbury Frozen Mini Waffles Maple Madness.
“Buddy Up” with Breakfast for Busy Days

In a K-12 kitchen, time is of the essence and the challenges are constant. General Mills Foodservice brings you innovative products that will...

CustomWise K-12: Regulation-Ready Solutions

Bring excitement to the table. Students' favorites are always changing. With easy access to a variety of options, at any age, meal expectations...

Breaking Down Barriers to Breakfast
Breaking Down Barriers to Breakfast

It’s been proven that boosting breakfast participation comes down to expanding access and making the morning meal part of the actual school day....

Good Times Café for K-12 Foodservice

Good Times Café is a fast-casual café concept you can easily integrate in your cafeteria. Use this hub to access all things Good Times Café, from

Fun Limited Time Offers to Drive Participation All Year

Upcoming holidays, changing seasons and school-specific events create a perfect opportunity for limited time offers, or LTOs. Fast-casual...

Back to school prep; You’ve got this, we’ve got you. Large green pencil pointing toward a yellow school bag with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal bar sticking out of the top in front of a blank piece of lined notebook paper.
Back to School Checklist for K-12 Operators

Ensuring all kids are well fed and ready to learn starts with making sure they are participating in your K-12 school meals program.

Break-Facts. Bring On Breakfast. Nourish Kids for What’s Next. Trix yogurt, Cocoa Puffs cereal cup, muffin tops, and blueberries. Apple and spoon illustrations on blue and yellow background.
The Science Behind Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

Ensuring all kids are well fed and ready to learn starts with making sure they are participating in your K-12 school meals program.

Solutions that boost participation. Nourish kids for what’s next logo. Making bulk brilliant. Chicken Biscuit Sandwiches, Slaw & Sauce, Blueberry Muffin Top. Yellow, light blue background.
Get Creative with Recipes and Resources for Bulk Frozen Baked Goods and Mixes

With so much going on in the day-to-day of your K-12 foodservice operation

Break-Facts. Bring On Breakfast. Nourish Kids for What’s Next. Cinnamon roll, biscuit, and strawberry smoothie with striped straw. Pencil and milk carton illustrations on blue and yellow background.
Nourishing Students: The Power of Breakfast and How General Mills Foodservice...

As a K-12 foodservice operator, you play a crucial role in ensuring students get the right start to their day.

From cold to hot, your source for breakfast solutions that fit any operational...

Welcome to your one stop for K-12 breakfast resources including recipes, marketing tools, tips, and inspiration.

Grow with Grains: Energize Students with Regulation-Ready Favorites!

Designed with students in mind, 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups from General Mills ensure students get the nutrients they need while also...

Your One Stop for All K-12 Solutions from Yoplait® ParfaitPro®

Explore all the ways Yoplait® ParfaitPro® brings you endless, delicious, speed-scratch creations students love!

Discover the upsides to CUPsides!

Get the 411 on the benefits of 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups, menu ideas, inspiration, tools, resources and MORE

Make the most of theme days and events

There’s something to celebrate almost every day of the year and we’ve collected ideas to maximize fun.

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Breakfast All Day: The Benefits of Breakfast at Any Time

It’s all about breakfast all day! Get inspiring tips for ways to easily incorporate flexible breakfast products into your menu.

Solutions that boost participation. Crunch for Lunch. Nourish Kids for What’s Next logo. Honey Cheerios cereal cup, Trix cereal package, illustrated pencil and cereal pieces on blue background.
Best Practices: Breakfast for Lunch

Getting students to participate in school meals programs ensures that they have access to nutritious meals.

Make today legen-dairy! Solutions that boost your excitement. Nourish Kids for What’s Next logo with General Mills logo. Illustrated smiling milk carton and illustrated smiling cereal cup. Illustrated milk and cereal pieces splashing out of the top of the cereal cup on a light blue background.
Make Today Legen-Dairy!

While we think that every day is milk day when school is in session, it’s only official once a year.

Charm Students with St. Patrick’s Day Fun!
Charm Students with St. Patrick’s Day Fun!

Looking for a way to liven-up your lunchroom this March?

Catch the breakfast wave. Solutions that boost participation. Light blue sky background with sandy yellow beach illustration and yellow sun. Blue surfboard in sand. Illustrated wave of milk splashing. Blue bowl of brown circular cereal rides the wave. Spoon is dug into sand by handle.
Celebrate National School Breakfast Week and National Cereal Day!

A nutritious breakfast has long been the cornerstone of student achievement, helping them to be well-fed and ready to learn.

Celebrate #CerealMilk23 on World School Milk Day!

Every September, World School Milk Day falls on the last Wednesday of the month— this year, it's September 27th!

National School Lunch Week. Crunch for Lunch. Nourish Kids for What’s Next logo. Honey Cheerios cereal cup, Trix cereal package, illustrated pencil and cereal pieces on blue background.
Celebrate National School Lunch Week with Crunch for Lunch

National School Lunch Week is October 09-13, 2023 and is the perfect opportunity to highlight some of the many benefits of cereal.