From Board to Boardroom: Kick Your Catering Spreads Up a Notch

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From board to boardroom text in blue and white. Cutting board icon in orange. Image of charcuterie on wooden board. Assortment includes salted meats, croissants, biscuits, cheese, grapes, and berries.

Make a statement and save time with on-trend displays

Whether you call it a food board or grazing board, these platters are perfect for feeding a catered crowd since preparation and serving can be simple, plus a variety of guest preferences can be met.

Although a traditional charcuterie board of meats, cheese, and crudites is what may have started the food-board trend, event operators are serving up spreads throughout the day — starting with breakfast.

Building a breakfast board

You might approach a breakfast board like a continental breakfast buffet, but in this case, items are packaged differently. Plan for a mix of:

  • Proteins like eggs, bacon, sausage, and nut butters
  • Dairy items like yogurt and cheeses
  • Fruits, both fresh and preserved, like a jam
  • Grains, including breads, pastries, and granola

Start your next morning event with a show-stopping display that blends savory and sweet with a Breakfast Charcuterie Board.

A bunch of boards are possible

Convenient and versatile items from the Pillsbury speed-scratch baking portfolio, including croissants, biscuits, brownies, cinnamon rolls, scones, and more can anchor your eye-catching spreads throughout the day. Attractive for afternoon or evening events, guests can customize sweet treats to their liking with a Brownie Board.

Here are just a few example ideas:

Assorted berries and brownies assembled on a tray with creamy dip. Toothpicks with red wooden beads on the end in a pile on side of tray on dark granite counter.

Whether a group is celebrating a big game or relishing a regional favorite, a Southern Fried Board is just the ticket.

Encourage attendees to try out tastes from global cuisines like a Mediterranean Board.

Celebrations and cake are a dynamic yet overdone duo, so shake things up with a Birthday Cake Board instead.

Going beyond boards, the Chefs of the Mills regularly have inspiration on the menu. Tap into their hospitality expertise with more online tools, tips, and tricks.

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