Bake-Up Sweet Profits for Your Operation with Frozen Baked Goods

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There’s a huge opportunity in baked goods right now. Take a look at these statistics:

  • Muffins are the #1 selling sweet baked good1 and more than 50% of muffin purchases are made outside of the breakfast daypart.2
  • At breakfast, biscuit sandwiches are the most popular type of sandwich.3
  • Scones have a higher projected growth rate than other breakfast bakery items and the #1 purchase driver of scones is impulse.2
  • Over 40% of scones are eaten outside of the morning daypart, which drives all-day revenue.2
  • Cinnamon rolls are rated as America’s favorite breakfast baked good.4

With all of this patron interest, it’s easy to see how baked goods can be the key to raising incremental revenue at your foodservice operation! Use our handy toppings chart and other easy ideas below to boost your profits.

Top items to increase perceived value

There are a million different ways to top sweet and savory baked goods to make your items stand out AND allow you to charge more for them. The chart below has suggested pairings and inspiration—get creative!


Package items to-go

Increasingly, patrons are looking for food they can take with them on-the-go. Baked goods like PillsburyTM muffins, cinnamon rolls, scones and biscuits are perfect to package individually. Plus, offering bakery items as a to-go option will increase your appeal to a wider range of patrons and invite more incremental revenue.

Use versatility to your advantage

PillsburyTM frozen baked goods, when topped in different ways and used in different applications, can make a wide variety of delicious items. More for your patrons to choose from, less ingredients and waste for you!

Ready to increase profits at your operation? Get a rebate for our delicious frozen baked goods from PillsburyTM here, and don’t forget to check out our inspiration videos for more great ideas!


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