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4 Fresh-Baked Items That Drive Impulse Purchases


There’s a big opportunity in bakery goods—the category accounts for over $800 million in sales every year!1 Plus, research shows that knowing items are baked on-site positively impacts consumer perception and results in a willingness to pay more for them.2 It’s simple, really: serving fresh, craveable products that will drive impulse purchases is a great way to increase your revenue. With freezer-to-oven options from PillsburyTM you can capitalize on this profit opportunity by offering easy, indulgent, fresh-baked goods your patrons won’t be able to get enough of.

Classic Biscuits
Did you know that restaurants serve more than 2.8 billion biscuits every year?3 Get in on the biscuit-mania with ready-to-bake PillsburyTM Biscuits. These biscuits deliver the scratch-like quality of homemade without the need for skilled labor, and they perform beautifully across menu and dayparts. Leading uses include:

Muffins are crowd-pleasers. In fact, they’re the #1 selling sweet breakfast bakery item.1 Not only that, 84% of operators rate muffins as the most important bakery item to menu.3 Bring the #1 brand in frozen muffin batter to your operation with PillsburyTM Frozen Muffin Batters.1 Available in a variety of flavors and formats, these muffin batters contain no artificial flavors, no colors from artificial sources, are PHO-free and produce consistently delicious items ready to be customized with a special touch from your operation! Try these simple topping and application ideas to make your muffins more craveable:

  • Frost or ice your muffins
  • Experiment with an infused glaze
  • Use muffin batter for sweet breads by baking in a loaf pan
  • Add an indulgent chocolate or caramel drizzle
  • Top with crushed candies
  • Try chopped nuts

Crave-Worthy Cinnamon Rolls
Eighty-eight percent of operators rate cinnamon rolls as the most important bakery item to menu.3 Fill your space with the tantalizing aroma of fresh-baked PillsburyTM Cinnamon Rolls—they’re easy, ready-to-bake, contain no artificial flavors, no colors from artificial sources, are PHO-free and don’t require any skilled labor. Does it get any better?

We know that fresh-baked goods are impulse purchases driven by aroma, appearance and cravings. Increase incremental sales at your operation by positioning cinnamon rolls for optimal impulse appeal. For something a little different try PillsburyTM Twirls!—these rolls are made with biscuit-like dough for a scratch-like appearance. They’re available in cinnamon, caramel and orange to help you offer something unique and delicious.

Scrumptious Scones
Scones are growing in popularity. In fact, they’re projected to grow faster than any other breakfast baked good.3 Differentiate your operation by offering scones, they bring a premium perception and incredible versatility because you can serve them across meal and day parts. Plus, with PillsburyTM Scones your patrons can be sure they’re getting no artificial flavors, no colors from artificial sources and no PHOs. Additionally, they’ll love the scratch-like appearance and dual texture: crispy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside.

Tip: Cut scones into smaller pieces before baking to turn them into trendy scone bites that are great for grab ‘n go solutions.

PillsburyTM offers a full portfolio of delicious, consistent, easy to use frozen baked goods that deliver the quality you demand, require minimal back-of-house labor, and provide the tastes your customers crave. Fill your operation with the irresistible aroma of fresh-baked goods!

Check out these videos showcasing craveable fresh-baked goods from PillsburyTM

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