How to Offer Retro Baked Goods with a Modern Twist


The perfect blend of old and new is on-trend right now. A majority of consumers (62%) say they like trying new flavors of food from time to time, while only 28% say they prefer sticking to their favorite flavors and rarely try new ones.1 However, nearly half of consumers (46%) say they enjoy many of the same desserts they ate as a child.2

This is where retro desserts (and savory baked goods too!) made with just a slight modern twist present a huge opportunity for foodservice operators. Here’s a list of easy ways you can use frozen baked goods from PillsburyTM to leverage this trend in your operation.

Fresh flavors, classic items

Frostings, icings and glazes are a safe and easy way to try out new taste sensations. Experiment with herb infusions like lavender, rosemary or cardamom or tea infusions such as earl grey, chai or matcha. Coffee, bourbon, rum and whiskey contribute deliciously unexpected flavors too.

For savory biscuits and scones, consider serving with a house-made cream cheese spread in flavors like pimento, basil, citrus herb and more. Or offer your savory baked goods with on-trend tomato jellies and fruity preserves!

Fresh shapes, classic flavors

If you don’t want to push too far outside the nostalgia of retro baked goods, try familiar flavors in new shapes.

Fun fillings

Everything’s a little more fun with an unexpected and delicious surprise inside. Fill retro baked goods with jams, puddings, cheeses and more for a delightful twist. Get started with these Filled Muffins, these Cream Cheese Filled Chocolate Muffins, or these Biscuit Apple Crostadas.

Ready to offer retro baked goods with a twist today? Get a rebate for our delicious frozen baked goods from Pillsbury™ here, and don’t forget to check out our inspiration videos for more great ideas!


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